Raising funds to advance the education and well-being of children in the Luangwa Valley, Zambia

Luangwa Valley is a remote area in an unspoilt wilderness of Zambia. The main draw is South Luangwa National park, a haven for wildlife. The area’s safari lodges provide employment for some of the valley’s inhabitants. However, infrastructure is poor, industry is non-existent, and many people live in poverty. Being a remote area access is limited and the government is restricted in how much it can help the local schools. These schools struggle to deliver the most basic education with extremely limited resources. Beyond the children’s immediate need for food, clothes and medicines, we believe that education, practical training and awareness of the importance of their environment is essential for them to lead a sustainable life.


Our Students

Charles Ngoma

Charles Ngoma

Charles is 20 years old and about to complete Grade 12, he writes in his letter “My family and I are in great joy today. This is because of the education you entrusted in me.”