Dormitory for Mfuwe Secondary School

Mfuwe Secondary School is in desperate need of help. It’s the only secondary school in the area and has really suffered from lack of support and increased number of pupils.

Approximately 150 pupils board at this school as it is too far from their homes to come in on a daily basis. The boys’ dormitory is in a desperate state of disrepair. 70 to 90 boys stay in the dormitory and sleep on bunk beds, generally they sleep 2 on top and two on bottom of a single bunk bed which is far from ideal, very uncomfortable, hot and not healthy.

They store their luggage, books, clothes etc in the rafters of the building. The boys do well in trying to keep it clean and tidy and have a cleaning rota in place but the building is falling down around them. Sausage Tree’s new project and mission is to raise enough funds to build a new boys dormitory.

They are currently ‘borrowing’ classrooms from the school next door to them and even with this temporary solution it has not made matters much better as they have to use the dining room as a classroom and have to have classes under a tree.

The staff also have many challenges as they do not have a staff room and really struggle in the rainy season to mark their pupils work, they only have a mango tree for shelter at the moment.

After speaking to the school officials and the building officer there are plans for a new boy’s dormitory but funding currently is not available.

The new dormitory will actually be hostels that would accommodate approx. 24 pupils so a number of hostels would need to be built, ideally along with an ablution block.