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Page Update: 21 Feb 2024

To date Sausage Tree Charity has raised over £600,000. It is run on a purely voluntarily basis, with no salaries or office costs. We want the money raised to get directly to the children and schools in the Luangwa Valley, Zambia.

Lu Chignell, Chairperson

Lu Chignell

Lu was a teacher for 25 years and now works in Adolescent Mental Health. Lu decided to set up Sausage Tree after visiting Zambia and visiting a local school in 2000. She has previously raised money for ‘The Rainbow Trust’ and ‘Wizzkids’.

Andy Hogg, Principle Zambian Lead

Andy Hogg

Andy is the owner of Bushcamp Company and Mfuwe Lodge. He is a lifelong advocate of sustainable engagement with the local community and has been a central part of Sausage Tree’s vision. Without his ongoing commitment and advocacy it would not be what it is today.

Will Chignell, Treasurer

Will Chignell

Will is the Chief Commercial Officer at Apex ESG. He compiled the book, ‘The Best After-Dinner Sports Tales’ which made over £40,000 for the Children’s charity SPARKS, and has also raised over £9,000 for ‘The Rainbow Trust’. He has been involved in Sausage Tree since its conception.

Kylie Haycock

Kylie Hancock

Originally from Australia, Kylie now lives in London and has a background in marketing, events and PR. She fell in love with Africa during an extended trip during 1999 and has supported Sausage Tree for many years.

Robert Sadler, Accountant

Robert Sadler

Robert is a legend, and gives us his valuable time to audit all our accounts every year. He runs a successful accountancy business in Chichester.

Haggai Chisshala, Life Member

Haggai Chisshala

Haggai sadly passed away in May 2018. He had been running the Sausage Tree projects since 2001. His legacy will remain and his spirit will never leave us, he was the man that helped make it all happen and he is hugely missed. Born and educated in Northern Zambia, he moved to South Luangwa in 1991 when he started work for Mfuwe Lodge and The Bushcamp Company. He was dedicated to improving the development of the local community and in particular the education of the younger generation.

Fiona and Veronica, Administrators

Fiona works in the accounts department at Bushcamp Company and Mfuwe Lodge. She is a Zimbabwean who has been living in Zambia for over a decade but hopes to return back there when she retires and spend time with her grandchildren. She loves the Luangwa Valley because of its peace, tranquility, and very relaxed lifestyle; topped off by the local peoples very gentle and easy to get along with nature.

Veronica has worked at Mfuwe lodge for 21 years. She was originally from a neighbouring town Chipata where she spent her childhood and schooling. She is an avid Chelsea fan and loves watching football in her spare time, when not with her grandchildren.

Libba Morrison

Libba Morrison

Libba Morrison started up and ran a successful corporate floristry business in London for many years. Her experience in events and business leadership has assisted Sausage Tree’s quiz night fundraising evenings. As a dedicated supporter and promoter of Sausage Tree, Libba is keen to help Sausage Tree reach its ever increasing fund raising targets.

David Bell, Webmaster

David Bell

Although now based in the UK running his own web design company, David was born and raised in Zimbabwe and South Africa. He feels a special connection to Sausage Tree and to Zambia, since his grandfather owned a farm near Livingstone for many years. David donates his time to run and maintain this website.

Mtimba Zulu, Life Member

Mtimba Zulu

Mtimba tragically passed away in the Covid pandemic. He was a truly dedicated member of staff at Mfuwe Lodge where he worked since leaving school over 19 years ago. He was always willing to do what ever it took to get things done and was dedicated to helping the local community.

About Sausage Tree Charity

Why Sausage Tree?

The sausage trees are a common sight in the Luangwa Valley, an unspoilt area lying at the tail end of the Great Rift Valley. Down the centre of the valley runs the Luangwa, a winding, snaking river that supports a thick growth of rich vegetation on either bank.

Dotted around the countryside are the distinctive Sausage Trees, their large fruit suspended in mid-air by long flexible stems. We all felt that this unusual tree would be a perfect symbol for the work we are carrying out for the children of this valley.

FLIKR Photo courtesy of sarahdepper.

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