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Page Update: 25 Sep 2020

Visit to Zambia: August 2018

Lu and family visited the Luangwa Valley in August of 2018. Lu caught up with her team in Zambia and visited both Mfuwe Secondary and Chiwawatala Primary.

Community Borehole provided by Brookham School

Since they can remember this community in Zambia used to have to dig for water – this was dangerous and the water was not always clean. Now they have a borehole – easy, safe and clean water at the ready – truly life changing! All achieved in less than a year thanks to Brookham School and our great team on the ground in Zambia!

Visit to Zambia: 2010

Luangwa Valley is a remote area in an unspoilt wilderness of Zambia. The main draw is South Luangwa National park, a haven for wildlife. The area’s safari lodges provide employment for some of the valley’s inhabitants. However, infrastructure is poor, industry is non-existent, and many people live in poverty. Being a remote area access is limited and the government is restricted in how much it can help the local schools.

About Sausage Tree Charity

Why Sausage Tree?

The sausage trees are a common sight in the Luangwa Valley, an unspoilt area lying at the tail end of the Great Rift Valley. Down the centre of the valley runs the Luangwa, a winding, snaking river that supports a thick growth of rich vegetation on either bank.

Dotted around the countryside are the distinctive Sausage Trees, their large fruit suspended in mid-air by long flexible stems. We all felt that this unusual tree would be a perfect symbol for the work we are carrying out for the children of this valley.

FLIKR Photo courtesy of sarahdepper.