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Page Update: 21 Feb 2024

Mfuwe Lodge

Award winning safari lodge set in the most prolific game area of the South Luangwa. The perfect place to enjoy excellent game viewing, recharge your batteries, or to start and finish your journey to our bushcamps.

Conservation Science Africa

CSA’s key business responsibility is to create and manage carbon sinks in Africa. The core concept of Conservation Science Africa (CSA) is a conservation process to conserve and rehabilitate the community rangelands and to enhance the living standards and conditions of the local communities.

Luangwa Conservation & Community Fund (LCCF)

For many years the safari operators in the Luangwa Valley have been working with the South Luangwa Conservation Society (SLCS) & North Luangwa Conservation Project (NLCP) to ensure that conservation efforts continue. We also run individual educational and conservation programmes in the community. To ensure the long term future of these essential projects we, along with many of the other Luangwa safari operators, have introduced to our rates a donation of $10 per person per night to our “Luangwa Conservation & Community Fund”. The funds will be split evenly between conservation and community projects. We believe that our guests will enjoy their safari with us even more knowing that they have contributed directly to ensuring the ongoing survival of the Luangwa’s wildlife & environment as well as the development of the local community.


TASC are leading global carbon project developers who use knowledge and expertise to provide comprehensive solutions to environmental problems. We are hugely grateful for their support at Msoro School. Please visit for more information.

About Sausage Tree Charity

Why Sausage Tree?

The sausage trees are a common sight in the Luangwa Valley, an unspoilt area lying at the tail end of the Great Rift Valley. Down the centre of the valley runs the Luangwa, a winding, snaking river that supports a thick growth of rich vegetation on either bank.

Dotted around the countryside are the distinctive Sausage Trees, their large fruit suspended in mid-air by long flexible stems. We all felt that this unusual tree would be a perfect symbol for the work we are carrying out for the children of this valley.

FLIKR Photo courtesy of sarahdepper.