Author: david_sausagetree

Party in the Park 7th September 2024

We are hosting our third party in the park on Saturday 7th September 2024.

If you fancy coming to eat, drink and be merry then this is the party for you. Located in beautiful Hampshire parkland, there is dinner and a fully stocked bar, dancing, an auction and the same crazy mad live band – EASY TIGERS from previous years. If you fancy coming or want to get a table contact Lu.

UPDATE: Clay Shoot 2nd September 2023

We had another wonderfully successful day at North Stoke Farm and luckily the weather was kind! We raised a whopping great £25,985 in part thanks to a sponsor who covered all our costs! We were overjoyed with this huge sum and it has enabled us to continue with our yearly commitments and to complete further projects which included the refurbishment of a classroom block at Chiwawatala School.

If you are interested in attending our next event please email

UPDATE: Party in the Park 25th June 2022

We just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for your help with the marquee displays at this years Sausage Tree Party in the Park. I just couldn’t do it without you! Thanks to your help and support it was a hugely successful night and we managed to raise just over £23,000!

These funds will go towards supporting our ongoing yearly projects. As you may know each year Sausage Tree needs to find approximately £20,000 to continue our ongoing projects. This money goes towards supporting 1 primary school and a new secondary school called Jumbe Secondary, over 1700 pupils in total. It pays for books, school resources and 5 teachers salaries.

Covid has had an enormous impact in Zambia especially in the Mfuwe area. Many families are struggling to survive because tourism has up until recently been non existent and their income stream has totally dried up. It is slowing picking up but the impact it has had on the community out there has been huge.

These projects continue to run successfully thanks to the amazing help we have on the ground out in Zambia. Through really successful fundraising nights and generous donors we hope to raise more than we need at the end of each year. This then enables us to carry out other small building and renovation projects.

Where we believe Sausage Tree is often different from other charities, is that we are a small kitchen table charity; every penny goes directly to where it is needed. Small donations make a huge difference to us and don’t just get gobbled up in paying for running costs as with so many other larger charities. There are no admin costs or salaries.

Our Awesome Fundraisers for Summer 2020

During July and August of 2020 we had 2 awesome fund raisers. Jack ran a Triathlon and Poppy climbed the 3 Welsh Peaks in a day. Without them we would not have had enough funds to continue with our termly donations. We are hugely grateful to you both!

Sausage Tree Clay Shoot 2020

Our Sausage Tree Clay Shoot for 2020 was sadly cancelled due to Covid. However some awesome people donated instead and we managed to raise £4720! This will keep us going until January thankfully!

Mind the Sausage! Festival Party 2019

The Mind the Sausage Party in the Park was more successful than we could have ever imagined and we managed to raise a massive £12,538 for Sausage Tree. The evening started as it meant to go on with great weather and fab music from “Donnybrook” on everyone’s arrival.

We had lots of compliments on the food, it was the biggest hog roast I’d ever seen! Everyone was incredibly generous bidding on the auction and that was topped off by a very amusing stitch up karaoke. The “Apres Ski” nailed it and had the dance floor full all night long! The funds raised from the party have already been spent and Sausage Tree have been able to contribute to the building of a 1 x 6 classroom block at a new school we are helping called Jumbe Secondary.

Sausage Tree Clay Pigeon Shoot 2018

This years shoot was the most successful yet thanks to some brilliantly supportive and generous people. We raised just over £23,000 which is an incredible amount and our new record by a long shot!

We were very lucky with the weather and the rain held of mostly until about lunchtime when most of the shooting had finished.

The 14 teams all seemed to enjoy the shooting, this was our busiest shoot to date, and it was great to have a few teenage guns this year too.

Hants Quiz November 2017

Sausage Tree hosted its usual Hampshire Quiz Night on 24th November. It was a hugely successful night and everyone seemed in fine spirits. The new venue was a welcome change by us; all the equipment worked (it was just us that couldn’t work it!) and there was more space and better acoustics which meant people didn’t have to shout to each other to be heard!

There was a great atmosphere and those that like to dress up, did a great job! Thanks to some brilliantly generous people we managed to raise a whopping £11,500, £5K more than the last one. The auction raised a huge amount of this and the Sausage Tree of Life was a sell out!

8th Hampshire Quiz Night

Sausage Tree had it’s 8th Hampshire Quiz Night on the 7th May 2016

It was a really fun and rowdy night and everyone seemed to be on great form. As it will be the last one for a couple of years we decided to make it themed with everyone arriving in wigs and/or hats. This really created a great atmosphere and thanks to some brilliantly generous people we managed to raise a whopping £5600.