Author: david_sausagetree

Zambia visit 2011: Chiwawatala School

Chiwawatala is the school that is based near the airport and closer to civilisation; it is thriving and really established now.

They receive the books and educational resources each term and have a good teacher: student ratio for Africa (1:50)! They also now have electricity, a library and a water tank.

The World Food Organisation have provided them with special cookers which use less wood and every day they provide a meal of beans and maize meal for all 800 children. In the last two years it has expanded and now they teach Grade 8 and 9 as well. I really enjoyed seeing their head teacher Charles Zulu and have known him now for 9 years. He is a great man who now oversees all of the head teachers in the area which is great for Sausage Tree as it means the government are far less likely to move him, which they usually do every few years.

The school has rebuilt the vegetable garden and with the help of Conservation Science Africa (CSA) the children are going to learn about sustainable and environmentally friendly ways of growing vegetables. Currently CSA also has a couple of their own plots on the school campus and the produce is sold to Mfuwe Lodge; a percentage of the profit is then given to the school. The lady who works for them, Lisa, also now works for my team out there too which is a fantastic link up. The trees from the tree planting scheme are growing well and Lisa is going to initiate this scheme again soon.

Dormitory for Mfuwe Secondary School

Mfuwe Secondary School is in desperate need of help. It’s the only secondary school in the area and has really suffered from lack of support and increased number of pupils.

Approximately 150 pupils board at this school as it is too far from their homes to come in on a daily basis. The boys’ dormitory is in a desperate state of disrepair. 70 to 90 boys stay in the dormitory and sleep on bunk beds, generally they sleep 2 on top and two on bottom of a single bunk bed which is far from ideal, very uncomfortable, hot and not healthy.

They store their luggage, books, clothes etc in the rafters of the building. The boys do well in trying to keep it clean and tidy and have a cleaning rota in place but the building is falling down around them. Sausage Tree’s new project and mission is to raise enough funds to build a new boys dormitory.

They are currently ‘borrowing’ classrooms from the school next door to them and even with this temporary solution it has not made matters much better as they have to use the dining room as a classroom and have to have classes under a tree.

The staff also have many challenges as they do not have a staff room and really struggle in the rainy season to mark their pupils work, they only have a mango tree for shelter at the moment.

After speaking to the school officials and the building officer there are plans for a new boy’s dormitory but funding currently is not available.

The new dormitory will actually be hostels that would accommodate approx. 24 pupils so a number of hostels would need to be built, ideally along with an ablution block.

Sausage Tree’s 3rd London Quiz Night

This took place on 12th May and was a huge success. The Bedford in Balham hosted us for the first time and the night was enjoyed by all. Some really fab and generous people came and we managed to raise a massive £4531.

12 tables came and enjoyed a variety of what we hoped, were interesting rounds which included the human body, chocolate tasting, The Royal Wedding and the usuals. We had some fab auction and raffle lots – a house in Cornwall, tickets to the Cheltenham Festival, Luxury B&B, flower arranging course and many more.

Huge thanks to the Morrison clan – Lib for helping me organise it, Mike and John for Auctioneering and the rest for coming along, being great sports and buying lots of raffle tickets and bidding on auction lots! Same time and place next year hopefully!

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Sausage Tree has organised 6 Clay Pigeon Shoots since 2001. Each year approximately 120 people turn up for a team and individual competition. This is followed by a huge BBQ and family afternoon. Raffles, auctions and donations help to raise more funds.

These shoots have raised approximately £34,000 to date.

The last event on October 2nd 2010 raised a record £9799. The next clay shoot is planned for Autumn 2012.

Please contact us if you’re interested in hearing about our next event.

London Quiz Night

On 15th April 2010 Sausage Tree hosted its second London Quiz Night. The Brunel Pub in Battersea hosted another fabulous night, with record attendance!

Thanks to some incredibly generous people we managed to raise the massive sum of £8295! (The first quiz raised £4415). This is partly thanks to the fantastic Morrison family, hats off to them!

Please contact us if you’re interested in hearing about our next event. Our next Quiz Night is planned for May 2011.

Hampshire Quiz Night

Sausage Tree has now hosted 4 quiz nights in Wherwell, Hampshire. They have been a huge success and are now an annual November event. Approximately 100 people turn up for a quiz with a twist, good food, lots of booze and a cracking auction. These have raised approximately £21,000.

Please contact us if you’re interested in hearing about our next event. Our next Hampshire Quiz Night is planned for November 2011.

Fight Night

Sausage Tree has held 2 boxing nights. Big ones, little ones, ugly ones and a few good looking ones entered the ring to knock sevens bells out of each other. Over 350 people went crazy as the boxers raised over £7,000 for the first night. The second event managed to raise a massive £20,000 which was split equally between 3 charities. Sausage Tree was one of those and received £6,300.

Please contact us if you’re interested in hearing about our next event.