Page Update: 25 Sep 2020

You can make a difference

We would like to offer you the chance of making a lasting difference to the future lives of some Zambian children.

Sausage Tree would be hugely grateful if you could manage a donation, however big or small, every penny is vital. We incur no costs at all for our fund raising and administrative activities. To give you an idea of what we can achieve with your donation:

  • £250 provides 4000 exercise books
  • £222 pays for a teachers salary for 1 term
  • £63 buys 1000 pencils
  • It costs £7 / week to send a child to secondary school and this includes school uniform. £31,139 builds a dormitory that sleeps 48 pupils
  • £34,253 builds an ablution block
  • £40,481 builds a 1 x 3 classroom block
  • £75 pays for a metal desk that seats 2. (They cannot use wood anymore as there it isn’t a sustainable resource
  • £187 pays for a day student to go to secondary school this includes 2 sets of uniform, grocery allowance and school fees
  • £374 pays for a boarder at the local secondary school and includes 2 sets of uniform, grocery allowance and school fees
  • £498 pays for a boarder at a secondary school outside the local area. This includes 2 sets of uniform, transport costs, and school fees and groceries. This figure is significantly greater than the £187 for the day pupil. We really need to focus on the local secondary schools so more children get access to a good education and can remain at home with their families.

Sadly the exchange rates have become less favourable over the last few years!

There are two ways for you to make a donation.


Amazon Smile

If you buy something on and use our link below, Amazon will make a donation to Sausage Tree at no cost to you.


Talisa Tembo

Talisa’s family are subsistence farmers and no-one in her family is working. Her elder sister wanted to be educated but did not find sponsorship. She is hugely grateful and is desperate to train as a nurse after finishing school.

Read Talisa’s letter in full.

Direct Debit

How about setting up a £10 / month direct debit to Sausage Tree? Contact Lu and she’ll forward you the Sausage Tree bank details.

If you are a UK taxpayer please could fill in a gift aid form and send it with the donation. Sausage tree can then claim tax credit.