Minimum wage increases in Zambia

President Michael Sata

President Michael Sata

All is going well in Zambia although there have been a lot of changes which present fresh challenges as we continue to help this rural part of Zambia. The most recent hiccup has been a change in government – this has bought about the introduction of a minimum wage.

This has had a huge impact on the economy and subsequently fuel prices have rocketed. The implications for Sausage Tree are huge as this year our yearly ongoing support is now costing us any extra £6,000 to do exactly the same as last year – pay 5 teachers salaries, provide books and resources for 2 schools (1000 + pupils) sponsor 36 vulnerable/ orphaned children through school and train 1 teacher. Because of this I plan to visit Zambia this September to get a thorough understanding of the politics out there and make plans for the next few years.

The Secondary School is the community’s big focus at the moment which Sausage Tree is fully behind. The children in the Luangwa Valley are now receiving a good primary education – by helping develop Mfuwe Secondary School the children might now realise their dreams and even qualify to go to college.

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