Chilongozi School

Page Update: 21 Feb 2024

For many years Sausage Tree has supported a number of vulnerable / orphaned children and young people through school and college. Our hope being that this opportunity will not only change their lives but also the lives and belief system within their wider family and community.

Within African society it has always been the duty of the extended family to support any members within that family that need help. This traditional strength is now putting incredible pressure on families as too many children are losing one or both parents to AIDS. The burden of more children to try and feed and educate results in whole families being dragged too far below the poverty line to survive. Severe malnutrition and preventable diseases increase and school attendance rates plummet.

Head Teachers house built by Sausage Tree

Over the past few years we have reduced the number of students we support as we felt the greater need for better infrastructure in our schools. Currently we are supporting 3 students through tertiary education. These students have to apply to a local committee giving reasons for their application with references and past school reports. Each term their reports are given to the committee and as long as they are satisfactory then funds will be given for the forth-coming term. Unfortunately the number of applicants is always too great.

Our current students

We are currently supporting 3 carefully chosen students through tertiary education.

Frank is in his second year as a medical student. We sponsored him through secondary school from Grade 8-12 and he was an exemplary student doing fantastically well in his Grade 12 exams. He is from a really poor family; his father is an alcoholic and his mother is a peasant farmer who takes care of the home. He has acquired a full sponsorship from the government which will only cater for the academic studies and thanks to your support we are supporting him with his travel, accommodation and living costs.

Margaret grew up in Mfuwe and has just started studying wildlife management, driven by a deep passion for conservation. We are keen to break gender barriers and encourage young girls to pursue their aspirations as too often they don’t finish their education as they are married or needed in the family home.

We supported Emanuel through secondary school and met him on a visit in 2019. He was taking exams that year and and has since been saving to try and start college. We have decided to help him as he is as passionate about studying now as he was then. He is now studying a degree in Business Administration and we are helping with his costs. It is a four years program. Sadly Emmanuel lost his Dad last year to a snake bite and is now even more grateful for the support so that one day he will be able to support his wider family.

So far Sausage Tree has helped:

  • Train 16 teachers
  • 17 students have also graduated from college, including…
    • 1 Electrician
    • 3 Nurses
    • 10 Tour guides
    • 1 Plumber
    • 1 studied Catering Management
    • 1 studied Public Administration
    • 1 studied Wildlife Management and Natural Resources
  • 69 children have finished school (grade 12)


One of the teachers we supported through secondary school and university is Charles, he is now teaching at Chiwawatala and is passionate about helping his students fulfil their potential.

Our Schools

School Photos

School Photos

Headteachers Office.
Poster in the classroom.
Sports Day at Chilongozi School.
Chief Malamo who agreed to help us build a new teachers house by providing all the bricks made by the local villagers.
Chilongozi pupils about to attend afternoon school