Jumbe Secondary School

Page Update: 21 Feb 2024

Jumbe Secondary is 45 minutes from the Mfuwe area where the other schools we support are located. We first visited in 2013 when we noticed that many of the families from this area were moving to Mfuwe to educate their children. The success of the schools in Mfuwe has proven a slight problem as numbers are rising and the increasing population is putting more pressure on resources and at times leading to human / animal conflict.

Our focus for supporting this school is on providing a more positive and functioning learning environment. It was only established as a school 11 years ago when the government realised that the children from the primary needed a local secondary school to go onto.

However, they have struggled to provided the infrastructure. Initially there was only one classroom block and they were using the church and primary school classrooms for their lessons. Since then we helped with funding some of the building of a second classroom block made from containers, it really is an inspirational design and is much cheaper to build than the standard structures. We have also been lucky enough to receive a donation which has helped build another classroom block.

We also supply the school with exercise books and school resources twice a year.