Jumbe Secondary School

Page Update: 18 Nov 2019

45 minutes from the Mfuwe area, where our current schools are located, is Mambwe District. We first visited this area in 2013 as Andy and the team out in Zambia were keen to establish links with the view to supporting them in the future. Due to the success of the Mfuwe schools many of the families from this area have been moving to Mfuwe to educate their children. This is now proving a slight problem as school numbers are rising in Mfuwe and the increasing population is putting more pressure on resources and at times leading to human / animal conflict.

Jumbo Secondary school has only been a school for 4 years. The government realised that the children from the primary needed a local secondary school to go onto but have yet to provide the infrastructure. Until this year there was only 1 classroom block and they were using the church and primary school classrooms for their lessons.

In 2017 Andy and the team out in Zambia managed to secure funding for a 1×3 classroom made out of containers, it really is an inspirational design and is much cheaper to build than the standard structures. It was completed this summer and Sausage Tree have provided funding to help build a second one which is currently being constructed.

The school is desperate for books and resources and we are hoping to help them on a termly basis like we do the other 2 primary schools.