Page Update: 21 Feb 2024


Msoro School

Msoro School £33,500 to help support with the building of a girls dormitory and classroom block currently under construction.


Chiwawatala School

2 new water tanks for Chiwawatala School – their old ones broke.

Refurbishment of classroom block at Chiwawatala


Jumbe Secondary School

Provided $25,000 towards the building of a second 1×6 classroom block.


Borehole Project 3

This project was made possible thanks to St Peter’s Winchester Covenant with the Poor.

“Once you carry your own water you will learn the value of every drop”.

New classroom block under construction at Jumbe Secondary School


Desks for New School Hall at Mfuwe Secondary

Chiwawatala Kitchen

Thanks to fundraisers Sausage Tree was able to rebuild the school kitchen.


Borehole Project 2

Brookham School raised funds to drill a borehole for a local community of over 1000 people. It has had a huge impact on their lives. The water is safe to get and clean!


Chiwawatala School

The rains in 2014 destroyed the roof of one of the classroom blocks at Chiwawatala. Thanks to a generous donor we were able to re roof and refurbish it.

Mfuwe Secondary School

Sausage Tree completed building a sanitation unit for the girls. The number of girls completing secondary school is far less than the number of boys. Many drop out because of funding, marriage, pregnancy or to work at home.

Sausage Tree and other teams out in Zambia are really behind a real drive to increase the number of girls in secondary education. At Mfuwe the girls now have a proper ablution block, the sanitation unit is key because without it the plumbing at Mfuwe would not cope.  Sometimes these small issues can have a big impact.

Borehole Project 1

Stroud School raised funds to drill our first borehole. Dirty water is a real problem and causes many health problems. Walking great distances to water holes that are used by animals can be very dangerous. The water is also often polluted and can cause illness. There is a huge drive to try and drill many boreholes in the area as clean water really does change lives.


Mfuwe Secondary School

Sausage Tree was able to build a boys dormitory block at Mfuwe Secondary School thanks to 6 wonderful people who climbed Kilimanjaro to raise money for us. The funds they raised managed to build the structure which sleeps 48 boys, and thanks to Twyford Pre Prep and a couple of generous donors, funds were raised to provide beds, mattresses, lockers and curtains.



We built a new teacher’s house at Chilongozi in 2008/2009. The villagers helped us and made all the bricks. There are not enough teachers houses at the school and the staff without housing have to rent in the local village which is far from perfect and puts extra strain on the teachers, sometimes they leave and go back to their native villages. The more teachers houses there are the more happy teachers!



In September 2006 the government decided that it would send four teachers to Chiwawatala school. However, with no accommodation the teachers would ask to be relocated. Sausage Tree built one house which was then handed over to the government to house one of its teachers.